BAL-100 Brass AnglerLite


Product Description

The AnglerLite was created from the ground up with saturation diving in mind. Each part was computer modeled to ensure proper fit and alignment while maintaining water tight seals with our pressure release valves. Each part is hand inspected to remove any sharp edges, measured their tolerances, and check for any defects. Each AnglerLite is given its own serial number.


Brass (360 Series) Material

Twist ON/OFF bezel sealed with two O-Rings for reliability

Tested to 1,200 FSW / 360 MSW

LED Lighting to conserve battery life.

109 Lumens

42.3 oz

(3) C-Alkaline Batteries (32 hours battery life)

Made in the USA


Brass Replacement Body (P/N: BAL-001 Body)
Brass Replacement End Cap (P/N: BAL-002 End Cap)
Brass Replacement Bulb Housing (P/N: BAL-003 Bulb Housing)
Brass Replacement Face Plate (P/N: BAL-005 Face Plate)
Replacement Lens (P/N: BAL-004 Lens)

Part # WP BAL-100
WP BAL-100 Brass Flashlight2WP BAL-100 Brass Flashlight3


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