Bell Backpack Harness w/Adjustable Shoulder Straps

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Product Description

The Miller Backpack features a high strength, flexible nylon/rubber backpack for mounting an emergency gas supply, in addition to providing two hook up D-rings in front. The unit is very comfortable, worn with or without cylinders.

Comes in blue of flex black.

Optional Chest Strap
CB Chest Strap, Blue
CK Chest Strap, Black

Optional Chest Strap

Optional Jock
MI 900-085B Jock Strap, Blue
MI 900-085K Jock Strap, Black

Optional Jock Strap

Optional Jock w/Clips
MI 900-086B Jock Strap w/Clips, Blue
MI 900-086K Jock Strap w/Clips, Black

Optional Jock Strap w/Clips

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Optional Chest StrapOptional Jock StrapOptional Jock Strap w/Clips


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