Splice Kit w/mold
3M Scotchcast Inline Splice Kit w/ Mold

3M™ Scotchcast™ Inline Splice Kit for Flexible Power Cable 82-F1 is for use on unshielded, portable power cables.

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3M 82-BF1 Wye Splice Kit
3M Scotchcast Y-Splice Kit w/ Mold

3M™ Scotchcast™ Flexible Power Cable Y-Splice Kit (82-BF1) is for use on unshielded, portable power cables and cords rated up to 1000 volts. This mold kit allows a single cable to split into two pieces at the splice.

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Connector, Amp
The AMP-4FL is a 4-pin female connector. It has an o-ring that makes it waterproof. The connector is not designed to be connected or disconnected underwater. This connector is pictured with the large cover. Note: This connector has pins but is considered a FEMALE connector.
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High Use
Connector, High Use
The OTS-4P has 2 pins and 2 sockets. A potting sleeve is included with the product. The OTS-4P can be connected underwater.
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Connector, RMG

In-line series Standard Rubber Molded RMG Connectors

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double banana
Double Banana Plug
Standard .75″ Center to Center spacing Dual Banana Plug. Available in black, red, or yellow. Each sold separately and includes set screws.
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Dummy Connectors/Locking Sleeves

RMG Dummy Connectors Note: Specify number of conductors when ordering.

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Sealant Pack
Sealant, Pack, 7.6 oz

This is a semi-flexible, permanent, urethane resin used for jacket repair or splicing portable cables.

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Scotchkote Coating
Scotchkote Coating, 15 oz

3M Scotchkote Electrical Coating FD is a fast-drying sealant and bonding compound designed to improve weather resistance of taped splices.

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3M Scotch 130C Rubber Splicing Tape

Scotch Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C is designed for used in splicing and terminating wires and cables.

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