Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

Why Multi-Composite Plastics? Extensive R&D and testing yielded the perfect formula of flexibility and rigidity for efficient propulsion. Atomic multi-composite plastics result in a powerful kick that requires less effort, stress, and strain… meaning less air consumption.
Power Rails – The highly resilient power rails perform as the backbone of the splitfin, storing and releasing energy with every kick
Flex Battens – Semi-rigid battens set in the soft elastomeric blade controls the precise wing shape to optimize thrust and reduce drag
Split Blade – The split blade deflects with the slightest kick to form a pair of wings that slice through the water with reduced drag, propelling you forward
High Surface Ratio Blade – Large surface area blade improves pivoting, turning, and alternate kicking styles
Hinge Points – Thin, yet strong and highly flexible hinge points between the semi-rigid battens cause the blade to react quickly and efficiently to the slightest kick
Anatomically Correct Foot Pocket – Contoured to fit your foot without stress points, with semi-open toe for added comfort
Power Plate – Internal sole plate creates rigid platform beneath the foot for greater power transfer to the blade yet allows soft, comfortable foot pocket
EZ-LOK Buckle System – Totally new, patented buckle system design features easy, one-handed quick release of the buckle from the fin. Re-attachment is simple and secure.

Pink and Red are made of a lightweight high energy compound. 

Blue and yellow are made from the standard power compound.

Other colors available.

  Men's USA EU
Small 5 1/2 37 - 38
Medium 6 - 8 1/2 39 - 41
Large 9 - 11 42 - 43
X-Large 11 1/2 - 13 44 - 46

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