Buddy Phone

Using “Digital Signal Processing” (DSP) techniques, the Buddy Phone produces uncompromising speech clarity.The Buddy Phone® D2 is digitally controlled and has some fantastic features such as: a voice menu to guide you adjust your Volume, change from Channel A to Channel B, or put the Buddy Phone in a continuous voice transmission mode.

Voice Menu: When you submerge with a D2 Buddy Phone, you will hear the voice system say “Buddy Phone ON, frequency A (B), channel one (four), volume High (Medium, Low),” depending on the prior dive’s settings. Changing a setting is easy and can be done while underwater. Depress the Push-to-talk switch (PTT) three times quickly and hold the third depression until you hear “main menu – volume, channel, continuous transmit.” When you hear the main menu selections, simply depress the PTT to select one of the choices. The unit will make the selection and go back to the receive mode. If you don’t make a selection after the menu repeats twice, the D2 Buddy Phone goes out of the main selection menu and back to the receive mode (see operators manual for a more detailed explanation — note: continuous transmit mode allows the user to talk, hands free. This was requested by many movie makers and scientists who talk on camera often).

In all, this D2 Buddy Phone is State-of-the-Art and OTS technology at its best.

Also available for other full face masks. Contact DECA for details.

Nominal Range - 50 to 500 meters depending on sea conditions & noise levels
Transmission Type - Ultrasound using upper single sideband (USB)
Transmit Output Power - 0.5 watts PEP
Standard Frequency (PEP) - Recall & tone: Freq. A (Channel 1): 32.768 kHz USB, Freq. B (Channel 4): 31.250 kHz
Audio Bandwidth - 300 to 3,000 Hz
Automatic Gain Control - Greater than 80 dB
Earphone - Ceramic
Microphone - High Quality Microphone
Transducer - Ceramic cylinder
Battery Type - Alkaline 9V. Batteries not included
Maximum Operating Depth - 130 feet in sea water (fsw)
Weight in Air - 8.1oz

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