Chain Saw, CE, Heavy Duty

The Stanley Underwater Hydraulic Chain Saw CS11 is designed for extreme duty underwater applications. With many available bar lengths (up to a 42 in./107 cm cut), the Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chain Saw CS11 can handle commercial diving tasks such as cutting all types of wood structures including bridge pilings, pier and dock timbers underwater.

The Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chainsaw CS11 comes furnished with hose whips. The saw bar and saw chain are sold separately.

Commercial diver safety has been designed in with interlocking triggers, bucking spurs and hand guards on all underwater models. Hydraulic power doesn’t require a flywheel to smooth power pulses so there is no chain coasting when the commercial diver releases the trigger.

— Integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor produces high torque
— Direct drive motor - no chain coast when trigger is released
— Stainless steel spool and fasteners
— Interlocking safety trigger and hand guard
— Large assist handle
— Manual chain oiler
— Adjustable automatic chain oiler
— Bucking cleat
— Wide flow range
— Order bar and chain separately

Capacity (Cut Length): — 24, 32, 36, and 42 in (61, 81, 91, and 107 cm)
Weight* — 17 lbs (7.7 kg)
Length* — 17 in (43 cm)
Width — 9 in (23 cm)
Working Pressure — 1500-2000 psi (105-140 bar)
Flow Range — 10-14 gpm (38-53 lpm)
Optimum Flow — 14 gpm (53 lpm)
Porting — 8 SAE O-Ring
Hose Whips — Yes
Couplers — Yes
Connect Size and Type: — 1/2 in Male Pipe Hose End
Motor — Hyrevz™ Gear

*Without bar and chain

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