Commercial Diver Training Manual

BE D263

Updates in the 6th Edition

  • Comprehensive rewrite can be used as stand-alone reference
  • Extensive index
  • Easy-to-read formatting
  • Color photos/tables/figures added
  • Colorful book cover


The 6th Edition of the Commercial Diver Training Manual represents an almost total rewrite. Where previous editions were designed to be utilized in conjunction either with the NOAA Diving Manual or the U.S. Navy Diving Manual, the 6th Edition has been written as a stand-alone work that covers history, physics, physiology, diving medicine, and first aid in addition to those chapters devoted to diving technique, diving equipment, and working underwater.

This manual is presented with the understanding that fully qualified instructors experienced in underwater work will provide any further explanation required by the reader. At the same time, the intent was to provide a manual to enhance both the theoretical and the practical training of the diver, with a view to providing graduates that are more knowledgeable and well informed in their chosen trade, performing their assigned tasks in a safe and productive manner.

To that end, this manual strives to present the following:

  • Diving physics in a clear, concise manner
  • The latest theory and procedure in physiology and diving medicine
  • The latest in practice and procedure both inland and offshore
  • The most commonly used diving and support equipment accepted for use in today’s industry

While it is understood it would require several volumes to address every conceivable task performed on every type of underwater project employing commercial divers, this manual endeavors to cover the most commonly performed tasks and the most common underwater operations. By presenting these more common projects and tasks in detail, it is hoped the reader will be better informed and better prepared for a career underwater. In addition, by further illustrating both technique and safety concerns with case studies and personal accounts from the author’s career, the manual shows the reader these are more than just words being presented: suggestions help the reader become more proficient and safety guidelines keep the reader from injury or death.

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