Commercial Weight Belt

The Commercial Weight Belt is made from tough, long lasting materials, which require no maintenance. The black rubber belting has a 2 ply nylon carcass which will not rot or mildew.

The standard belt is 45″ long × 4 ½” wide × approximately ¼” thick. Back-up plates, bolts and nuts are stainless steel. Adjustable for weight, waist size and shoulder strap length.

Models available:
MI 900-132 Heavy = Four 8 lb. weights (32 lbs.)
MI 900-125 Standard = Five 5 lb. weights (25 lbs.)

*Shoulder straps shown in image is not included, sold separately (see options tab).

MI 900-090B Weight Belt Shoulder Straps with Keepers (Blue)
MI 900-090K Weight Belt Shoulder Straps with Keepers (Black – Shown in image)

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