Communications Kit for KM M-48 FFM

Communications Kit for Kirby Morgan M-48 Supermask and M-48 Mod-1 Full Face Mask. Earphone/Microphone Assemblies are designed to allow the user to connect either Hard-wire or Through-water communications to a KM full M-48 full face mask (ffm).

In addition to supporting different installation methods for each FFM (w/ High-Use or 4-pin Connectors), E/M Assemblies can be configured with either one of these two microphones elements:
*ME-16R Hot Mic® (Replaceable mic) noise canceling, salt-water resistant, pressure-resistant studio quality microphone
*Super Mic is a water proof, pressure tolerant ceramic microphone with a compact, lightweight design and noise cancelling properties reducing background noises for clearer communications

All standard E/M Assemblies include a Push-to-Talk (PTT) button used only for through-water communications; dual 150-ohm earphones, and earphone covers.

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