DES 29103

The Mark V are manufactured as they were originally made in 1942. Helmet shells are spun copper, NOT HYDROFORMED, and the breastplates are hand pounded in the original 1940’s mandrels, NOT MACHINE STAMPED. These methods give each helmet its hand crafted individuality.

Made to the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships drawings from the 1940’s this is a genuine U.S. Navy Mark V Diving Helmet. The helmet shell is heavy spun copper fitted with bronze castings. All unplated bronze parts are high polished. Standard finish is tin plated (per U.S. Navy Specifications) but the helmet can be ordered polished if desired. Breastplate fits dresses with a U.S. Navy style collar only.

— Double spring, adjustable tension, automatic exhaust valve with exterior star-wheel, interior chin button, and banana tube to exhaust air to the rear of the helmet.
— Four impact resistant Acrylic windows. Side windows are circular, upper window is oval, and front window is circular and mounted in a hinged faceplate.
— Non-return valve with standard submarine threads.
— Spitcock
— Telephone cup
— Welding lens bracket
— Breastplate eyelets for hose and lifetime attachments
— Breastplate straps, wingnuts, and washers
— Safety lock and chain
— Telephone gooseneck with female plug assembly installed
— Protective caps for non-return valve and telephone gooseneck

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