Gates LP Hose, 1/2″ID Air Master Diving Umbilical (Formerly 33HB) Sold Per Foot

The 33HB is recommended for handling mixtures of oxygen, helium, and nitrogen gases used in diving applications as air breathing hose and in Underwater Cutting.

-40° F to 120° F (-40° C to 49° C) continuous service.
Meets Mil-H-2815G Section 3.12.2 off-gassing for air breathing applications, especially diving.
Corrosion resistant couplings supplied and applied by diving contractors.
Available in long length packages. This helps eliminate multiple splices and heavy couplings that add weight to the line.
Reinforcement is provided by two layers of braided yarn, which also helps the hose to maintain a negative buoyancy factor in the water.
The synthetic rubber cover resists abrasion, oil, and water, and is perforated to prevent blisters caused by gas permeation.
The kink resistant hose is designed for extra long wear under normal operating use.

1/2" ID
Inner Diameter — 0.50 in.
Outer Diameter — 0.94 in.
Minimum Bend Radius — 5 in.
Inner Tube Material — Type C (Nitrile)
Color — Black
Hose Reinforcement — Braided, high tensile synthetic textile cord
Hose Covering Material — Type A (Neoprene)
Temperature range — -40 to 200° F
Working pressure — 1,000 psi
Weight — 0.29 lbs per foot

33HB Divers Air

Diver’s air supply hose
Deck Whip hose

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