Hot Water Suit MK2

Designed principally for offshore saturation diving, but is also widely used by commercial divers and military divers where extended diving periods will be required, and a supply of hot water will keep the diver comfortable throughout the dive. The suit is manufactured from an abrasion resistant material which is also easy to clean, thus combining durability and comfort.

  • Flexible material and pattern layout
  • Abrasion resistant RO-TEX™ nylon exterior
  • PU coating for ease of cleaning
  • Glued and stitched seams, with front seams coated for protection
  • PU reinforcements on knees and elbows
  • Unique "click" function valve with 3 flow settings and a dump mode, for increased diver comfort


Front entry. Fed by heated water from the surface. 
Designed for extended diving periods, including saturation diving.


Base material: 5 mm neoprene
Exterior: RO-TEX™ nylon with a PU top coating.
This construction creates a very abrasion resistant exterior, which can also be cleaned down after diving.

Underarm panels are constructed from 3 mm material, for maximum freedom of movement. The 2 front mounted pockets are also manufactured from the 3 mm material.


Double glued and stitched with a heavy grade polyester thread. The lower torso seam is additionally coated for protection from abrasion caused by friction and sharp objects.


PU reinforcements are added to elbows and knees.


Black with contrasting grey stitching.


VIKING™ HWS is CE-marked, after evaluation according to the necessary paragraphs of EN 14225-3:2005


The VIKING™ HWS features an internal diamond profile rubber tubing covered with a layer of neoprene for comfort. Strategically placed holes are drilled into the tubing, and hot water is pumped down from the surface, and dispersed around the inside of the suit through these holes. The water temperature is controlled from the surface via instructions from the diver.

Narrow gauge neoprene tubing is placed at the wrists and the ankles to allow water to flow into the optional hot water gauntlet gloves and hot water boots.

The hot water valve, designed specifically for VIKING™, has a unique "click" function, with 3 flow settings and a dump mode. The flow settings are HIGH, MED & LOW, and represent flow rates of approximately 49 litres/min, 44 litres/min and 
36 litres/min. The inlet valve is a standard banjo fitting, which attaches to a QD ½'' male fitting which is attached to the water supply hose. The valve is mounted on the right hip and is easy to access.


Hot Water Suits must be used in conjunction with an undergarment to protect the diver from accidental burning or scalding from excessively heated water. Typical undergarments would be neoprene suits or thermal undersuits.


2 front mounted 3 mm neoprene pockets with RO-TEX™ nylon exterior and PU coating for high abrasion resistance. 
4 eyelets are built into each pocket for the attachment of accessories.


Optional 5 mm neoprene gauntlet gloves with reinforced palms and Velcro attachment points. 
Sizes: Medium (MED), Large (LGE) and X-Large (EXL)


Optional 5 mm neoprene boots with a rubber outsole and Velcro attachments. 
Sizes: Medium (MED), Large (LGE) and X-Large (EXL)


Each VIKING™ HWS suit is supplied with a nylon carry bag and a user manual.

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