Intermediate Pressure Gauge Checker

XS AC380

Low Pressure Gauge (p/n XS GB02)

  • Dual read gauge 0 to 300 psi and 0 to 20 bar

  • 2.75” diameter 

  • Accuracy 1.5% throughout entire scale

  • Stainless steel case

  • Above water use only

Push Button Bleeder          

  • Quick and easy pressure relief

  • O-ring seal

  • Easy to service

STD OPV (p/n XS AC395)      

  • Over pressure relief valve set at 175-185 psi

  • Hidden in picture

LP Port Attachment          

  • Male 3/8”-24 threads

  • Spin into low pressure port

  • O-ring seal

Spin-On Adapter (p/n XS AC382)          

  • Allows fast attachment to standard BC QD hose

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