Kirby Morgan KM 77 Helmet

  • Helmet Pad
  • QD Whip, 42″, Brass
  • QD Whip, 42″, Stainless Steel Double Shut-Off
  • Full Body Harness with Roller Buckles
  • Full Body Harness with Roller Buckles
  • Full Body Harness with Roller Buckles
  • Full Body Harness with Roller Buckles
  • 0340 Cube Case


Features The All Stainless Steel REX Regulator, As Well As A Stainless Sideblock, Helmet Ring, Handle, And Other Key Components.

The REX® Exhaust System is standard on this helmet. The advanced regulator pod on this helmet allows it to be outfitted with other Kirby Morgan regulators, including the SuperFlow® 350 or the all stainless steel 455 balanced regulator.

Air Train - The air train diffuses incoming breathing air/gas onto the face port/lens to defog and ventilate.
Auxiliary Port - The auxiliary port will allow for future add-ons and modifications to the stainless steel helmets. It is located on the port side of the shell as shown below.
Defogging Steady Flow Valve - Provides an additional flow of gas into the helmet for ventilation and defogging.
Emergency (EGS) Valve - Emergency (EGS) Valve supplies backup breathing gas to the diver. This valve is an integral, built in part of the stainless steel sideblock.
Gas Supply Non-Return Valve - Commercial Rated™, It prevents loss of gas pressure in the event of umbilical damage.
Handle - Removable Grip and handle. Handle can be removed without breaking seals, making it quick and easy to attach accessories.
Nose Block Device - Nose Block Device allows the diver to block the nose to equalize ears.
Rapid Change Modular Communications Systems - Because the module is easily removed the helmet, repair or replacement of communications parts is quick and trouble free. It is available with either a male waterproof connector or a bare wire post connection.
REX® Regulator - Full adjustment balanced piston is a breakthrough design that exceeds all requirements of all government or other testing agencies.
Silicone Oral Nasal Mask - Made of a superior silicone material which is hypo-allergenic and has a longer work life than latex.
Stainless Steel Shell - After x-ray inspection, each 316 stainless steel shell, is precision CNC machined to tight tolerances, to ensure proper fit to all other mating parts. The shell is durable and easy to maintain. Easily cleaned using a Scotch Brite® or similar type cleaning pad.
Stainless Steel Side Block - Multi use side block has additional ports built in to provide controlled air flow, if needed. The stainless steel sideblock has a built in EGS.
Whisker Wings - Bubble deflecting Whisker wings keep bubbles further from face port and ears, improving visibility and decreasing internal noise.

Weight - 32.43 lbs
Helmet Shell - Stainless Steel
Control Knobs - Polyurethane
Face Port/Lens - Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate
Neck Dam - Neoprene. Optional latex neck dam available
O-Rings - Buna-N
Head Cushion - Nylon bag filled with #4 Polyester foam
Recommended Lubricants - All helmets and masks are lubricated at the factory with Christo-Lube®. Kirby Morgan recommends Christo-Lube® or Tribolube® for all gas train components. Dow Corning® 111 Silicone or equivalent may be used for helmet and mask components that are used with gas mixtures containing less than 50% oxygen.
Regulator - The Rex® regulator on the Kirby Morgan® 77 offers high performance. The regulator has been tested at Dive Lab at Panama City, Florida. It meets or exceeds all current U.S. Navy and European diving standards.
Cage Code - The cage code for identifying KMDSI products for U.S. government purposes is 58366.
CR Standards - This helmet meets or exceeds all standards established by Dive Lab of Panama City, Florida, and are CR (Commercially Rated) marked.


The minimum operating temperature recommended for this helmet is 37 degrees F, only in regards to regulator performance. At the time of this writing, no hot water shroud is available for this helmet for heating the diver’s breathing gas. 

Without a hot water shroud, the diver may be subject to hypothermia due to cold gas inspiration temperatures. Kirby Morgan makes no physiological recommendations regarding minimum safe operating temperatures for divers using this helmet. 

Usually the greatest danger of demand regulator icing will be encountered on deck when the surrounding air temperature is less than 32°F (0°C). This effect is primarily due to the refrigeration effect of breathing air pressure reduction, and the addition of moisture from the diver's exhalation coming in contact with the topside air temperature. 

Recommended overbottom (OB)gas supply pressure for best performance at depths are calculated by the formula (fsw x 0.445+14.7) + recommended p.s.i. g.

KM 77 Manual & BlowAparts (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Spare Parts Kits

DSI 525-377 Soft Goods Overhaul Kit
DSI 525-211 Sealed Pull Pin Overhaul Kit (sold to factory trained Tech’s only)
DSI 525-310 Regulator Kit
DSI 525-313 Side Block Kit
DSI 525-330 One Way Valve Kit
DSI 525-378 Helmet Spares Kit


DSI 515-023 Comms Ass'y w/Post
DSI 515-024 Comms Ass'y w/WPC
DSI 515-033 Comms Set (Mic & Earphones Only)
DSI 515-029 Microphone Ass’y

Neck Dams

DSI 510-631 Latex Neck Dam, Sm-Med
DSI 510-633 Latex Neck Dam, Med-Lrg
DSI 510-689 Latex Neck Dam, XL
DSI 510-627 Neoprene Neck Dam, Small
DSI 510-628 Neoprene Neck Dam, Med
DSI 510-629 Neoprene Neck Dam, Large
DSI 510-688 Neoprene Neck Dam, X-Large
DSI 510-674 Cold Water Neck Dam, Small
DSI 510-675 Cold Water Neck Dam, Medium
DSI 510-676 Cold Water Neck Dam, Large

Neck Rings Ass’y

DSI 505-744 Neck Ring Ass’y, Latex, Sm-Med
DSI 510-633/DSI 525-230 Neck Ring Ass'y, Latex, Med-Lrg
DSI 505-745 Neck Ring Ass’y, Neoprene, Small
DSI 505-746 Neck Ring Ass’y, Neoprene, Med
DSI 505-747 Neck Ring Ass’y, Neoprene, Lrg
DSI 505-749 Neck Ring Ass’y, Neoprene, X-Large
DSI 525-230 Dry Suit Neck Ring Kit

Head Cushions

DSI 510-754 Head Cushion (replaced pt# DSI 510-682)
DSI 510-683 Chin Cushion
DSI 510-672 Replacement Foam Kit (for DSI 510-682 & DSI 510-683)
DSI 525-745 Head Cushion Foam Spacer Kit (for DSI 510-682 & DSI 510-521)
DSI 525-746 Head Cushion Foam Kit (for DSI 510-683 & DSI 510-754)


DSI 525-375 Zinc Anode Kit
DE 255-020 Bail-Out QD Whip, 42”, Brass (Single Shut-off)
DE 255-020DD Bail-Out QD Whip, 42”, Brass (Double Shut-off)
DE 255-025 Bail-Out QD Whip, 42”, S/S (Double Shut-off)
DSI 525-403 Weld Lens Ass’y (lens not included)
DSI 525-400 Weld Shield Ass’y (lens not included)
DSI 555-210 Restrictor Adaptor
DSI 200-017 Over Pressure Relief Valve, Hi-Flow
DSI 305-161 Superflow 1st Stage Regulator
DSI 525-112 Pull Pin Sleeve
DSI 525-768 Regulator Tool Kit (included with purchase of new helmet)
DSI 500-901 Helmet Bag (included with purchase of new helmet)
GL WZ239630 Helmet Pad
DSI 125-100 Logbook w/ Pen (included with purchase of new helmet)
DSI 525-385 37SS Conversion Kit
DSI 525-769 455 Regulator for KM 77

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