Kirby Morgan Plastic Superflow Scuba Regulator

DSI 305-166

The plastic and metal SuperFlow® second stage SCUBA regulators are high performance, non-balanced, venturi assisted, fully adjustable regulators.

They are based on the original SuperFlow® SuperLite® 17 Helmet and BandMask® SuperFlow® regulators. The first stage regulator (not pictured) is a high performance balanced piston regulator. When combined, the first and second stages are great for SCUBA diving to depths of 50 meters or less on air and in waters that are 10°C or warmer.

The combination of first and second stage regulator are not recommended for use with enriched air or gas where the oxygen content exceeds 23%. The second stage can be used for light duty surface supply and low pressure compressor use. The plastic second stage regulator can also be used as a surface supplied emergency bail-out regulator for both warm and cold water use.

The SuperFlow® Plastic Second Stage is not CE approved, however, it is CR rated.

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