MK-III 3 Diver Air Intercom

OT 900464-000

The MK-III offers unprecedented performance at an affordable price! Designed for Commercial, Military and Professional divers, the MK-III has the ability to communicate with 3 divers simultaneously in loud, hard working conditions due to it’s powerful speaker. The panel displays a 3 diver color coded section to allow a surface tender to quickly identify and adjust volumes on the fly. The connector panels have the ability to be switched as needed, quickly and easily.

Modular Connector Panel - A modular connector panel makes swapping topside connectors for different CommRope connectors a breeze. Options include: MS, AMP, and Banana Connectors
Aux. Input for Music and Pre-Recorded Messages - A panel mounted AUX input makes playing music or pre-recorded messages easy with a simple RCA connector.
Connect Two Boxes Together - The ability to connect two boxes together gives even greater versatility to the MK-III 3 Diver Box by allowing up to 6 divers to talk simultaneously with a surface tender.
Powerful Speaker - The MK-III 3 Diver Box delivers incredible sound delivered by a powerful panel speaker, perfect for noisy environments where extreme volume is needed.
Accessory Compartment Lid - The easy to remove lid of the MK-III doubles as an accessory storage compartment for headsets, extra batteries and other accessories.

Input Power - 12VDC (Minimum 3 amps) or 90–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz
Battery Type/Life - Nonspillable Lead Acid, 12v, 7.2Ah / 20 hours idle, 12 hours Working
Frequency Response - 300-4,000 Hz
Operating Temperature - -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature - -40°C to 40°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Cabinet - Molded ABS
Front Panel - Stainless Steel
Size - 10-3/4in x 16-3/4in x 8-3/4in
Weight - 19.5 lbs (8.84kg)

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