Norgren Filter, General Purpose - INVENTORY REDUCTION



- Protects air operated devices by removing liquid and solid contaminants from compressed air
- Screw on bowl reduces maintenance time
- Can be serviced without the use of tools or removal from the air line
- Visual service indicator turns from green to red when the filter element needs to be cleaned or replaced

Port size: 1″ PTF
Particle removal: 5 μm filter element
Bowl size: 1 litre (1 quart US)
Automatic drain connection: Will fit 1/8-27 and 1/8-28 pipe thread. Flexible tube with 3/16″ (5mm) minimum I.D. can be connected to the automatic drain. Drain may fail to operate if the tube I.D. is less than 3/16″ (5mm). Avoid restrictions in the tube.
Automatic drain operating conditions (float operated): Minimum 0.7 bar (10 psig), Drain opens when bowl pressure drops below 0.2 bar (3 psig).  Minimum air flow: 1 dm3/s (2 scfm) required to close drain
Maximum pressure: 17 bar (250 psig)
Operating temperature: -30° to 175°F (-34° to 80°C)
Typical flow with a 40 μm element at 90 psig (6.3 bar) inlet pressure and 5 psig (0.35 bar) pressure drop: 425 scfm (201 dm3/s)
Body: Aluminum
Bowl: Aluminum
Bowl sight glass: Pyrex
Elastomers: Neoprene and nitrile
Filter element: 5μm: Sintered bronze

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