Oceanic Mesh Backpack

OC 17-4775-07

With internal and external pockets for organization of your smaller items, extra tough PVC coated mesh and rugged construction, these simple yet reliable bags will get your gear to the water and back every time.

Metal eyelets – Ensures that this bag won’t break down after repeated use.
PVC coated mesh – Water can get out but not your dive gear.
Side pocket with cord closure – Convenient access for a water bottle, sunblock or defog. The cinch closure ensures your gear stays put.
Backpack straps – If you can handle the load so can these straps.
Cinch closure with cord lock – Our industrial strength nylon cord combined with a simple and effective closure means years of reliability.
Internal hanging pocket – Keep your keys, phone, and other miscellaneous items organized and within easy reach.
Bottom panel drain eyelets – Let it drain and lighten the load.

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