Amcommand II


The Amcommand II provides all of the operations necessary to monitor and control the diving operation. The system is a central control point for the supply of breathing air to the divers, monitors the divers’ depth, provides an audio alarm if the divers’ air pressure falls below a preset limit, and provides superior communications for two divers and topside personnel.

Easy setup with high pressure sources or low pressure air which greatly extends search and rescue diving capabilities. To use the new Amcommand II with 4500 PSIG inlet air supply, simply change the yoke assembly with the Model SAA5300, 300 Bar DIN adapter. The hard wire diver communications system can be both full duplex or simplex. The optional Wireless Tender provides the tender or operator with freedom around the dive site while staying in constant communication with the divers. The case is extremely strong and durable constructed of pressure fused fiberglass that provides a convenient, compact, rugged, and professional system designed for years of reliable operation.

-Mixed gas diving operations with an oxygen level greater than 40%
-Oxygen or oxygen enriched breathing mixtures above 40%

The Amcommand II is not designed or intended for these applications.

High Pressure Side
High pressure inputs include two color coded (red and blue) SCUBA bottle yokes with six foot air hose whips.
Each input has a 0-5000 PSIG gauge and shut-off valve to monitor and switch from one high pressure source to the other.
The added safety feature of check valves provide protection against back flow of air from a full tank into an empty when switching high pressure air tanks.

High pressure air is reduced to low pressure via a Tescom pressure reducing regulator with a pre-regulator in-line 50 micron filter. A 0-400 PSIG gauge monitors the output pressure. A relief valve (factory set at 285 PSIG) prevents over pressurization.

Low Pressure Side
Input check valve permits simple switching to backup high pressure air in the event of low pressure air failure. Backup high pressure air supply can simply be turned on. Diver umbilical air connection is an oxygen type fitting, controlled by a quarter turn ball valve which permits unrestricted flow.

Hardwire Communications
The 2-diver hard wire communicator is powered by two internal rechargeable gel cell batteries complete with the external charger and noise canceling hand-held push-to-talk microphone. The PTT mic eliminates the transfer of all topside noise to the divers and improves communications quality.
System can also be purchase with the FDW Wireless Tender Option – provides the tender complete mobility to move around the commercial or search and rescue dive site and still remain in constant contact with divers.
Also available: Walk & Talk Module – allows the tender to remotely operate unit from up to 25 ft. away.

Pneumo (Depth Monitoring) System
The heart of the pneumo system is the high precision 6″ depth gauge. The gauge dial has a glare free face and is clearly marked for fast, accurate readings.

An air low pressure alarm monitors air pressure supplied to the divers and activates an audio alarm alerting the tender of low air pressure conditions. The pressure switch is preset at 100 PSIG and can be maually adjusted to any pressure between 22.5 and 112 PSIG.

Air Control Specifications
HP Supply Pressure-Standard Unit: 3000 PSIG
HP Supply with DIN Adapter: 4500 PSIG
HP Inlet Valve: 2 each source select
HP Gauge: 0 – 5000 PSIG
HP Check Valve: 2
HP Yokes & Whips: 2 each 6′ blue and red
HP Regulator Inlet: 4500 PSIG
HP Regulator Outlet: 250 PSIG
HP In Line Filter: 50 Micron
LP Relief Valve: set 285 PSIG
LP Input Fitting: #6 JIC
LP Output Fitting: O2

Hardwire Communications Specifications
Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
Power: 2 each 12 VDC Rechargeable Batteries or External Power 12 VDC
Battery Operating Time: 60 Hours (approx.)
Frequency Response: 300 Hz to 7.5 kHz
Audio Power: 22 watts per channel

Panel Specifications
Panel Material: Black polyester powder coated over stainless and aluminum
Graphics: Red, white, blue and yellow silk-screened

20 in. H x 14 in. W x 12 in. D (50.8 cm x 35.56 cm x 30.48 cm)
Weight 70 lbs (31.75 kg)

Amcommand II Manual

Part # Product
AMR 2460-28 Headset w/Boom Mic & Double Banana Plugs
AMR 2460SM-28 Single Ear Headset w/ Dual Banana Plugs
Part # AMR 8225-HP