BR-22 Cutting Torch

Product Description

-The torch is constructed from durable high-impact and corrosion resistant materials.
-All metal parts are brass.
-The non-conductive flexible coupler joining the oxygen control valve to the torch head is a key safety feature, unique in design and found only in this torch.
-All connections are threaded for maintenance ease.
-The solid brass flash arrestor with internal filter screen protects the diver and torch without restricting oxygen flow.
-The large collet nut is knurled to assure the diver a solid grasp.
-Acme threads prevent binding from mud or other debris insuring quick, reliable rod insertion and retention.
-Interchangeable collets accommodate 3/8” or 1/4” diameter cutting rods.
-The Cutting Torch can also be used as a welding electrode holder.
-The Cutting Torch is built to deliver years of trouble-free performance at minimum cost.
-Spare parts and kits are available.

Part # Product
BR UW101/102 Handle Set
BR UW103/112 Torch Head & Cable Assembly
BR UW104 Collet Nut
BR UW105 Compression Washer (Neoprene)
BR UW106 Collet (Specify Size)
BR UW107 Flash Arrestor
BR UW108 Flash Arrestor Screen
BR UW109 Oxygen Valve Lever
BR UW110 Valve Stem (Includes O-Ring)
BR UW111 Coupler Assembly
BR UW113 Oxygen Valve Body
BR UW114 Valve Stem Spring
BR UW115 Oxygen Valve Nut
BR UW116 Valve Stem O-Ring
BR UW117 Valve Stem Washer (Neoprene)
BR UW118 Valve Nut O-Ring
BR UW119-120 Valve Lever Screw & Locknut
BR UW121-122 Handle Screws & Nuts (Nylon)
BR UW123 Collet Washer (Neoprene)
BR UW124 Oxygen Hose Adapter Fitting
Part # BR 22

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