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The C4 eLED® waterproof light is our lightest weight primary light. It is designed to fit smaller hands while still offering brightness comparable to lights twice its size. Its water-cooled heat sink actually increases brightness underwater and improves burn time. For maximum illumination and a comfortable fit, the C4 is the perfect solution.

-A pair of water cooled high intensity LEDs delivers over 5 watts of power
-Brightness increases up to 40% underwater with UK’s unique LED watercooling design
-Full and half-power switch can extend battery life even more
-Power circuit control maintains almost constant brightness with alkaline or rechargeable batteries
-Light from the eLED® is close to sunlight in color and travels farther through water for maximum visibility
-Non-breakable locking switch prevents accidental actuation
-Integral pistol style grip
-Front lens protected by heavy rubber boot for drop protection
-Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction
-Rubber sleeve lanyard included
-Powered by 4 disposable Alkaline, NiCad or NiMH C/LR 14-cells
-With a 2.8 AHr NiCad Battery Pack and 10-hr Battery/Charger Kit, upgrade your light to a Rechargeable
-Made in the USA

Dimensions (L W H): 6.8” x 5.6” x 3.2” / 17.27 cm x 14.22 cm x 8.13 cm
Lights Subcategory: Waterproof
Battery Type: Alkaline Disposable / Rechargeable
Lamp Type: eLED
Battery Description: 4 C Alkaline / LR 14
Burn Time (Alkaline): 6.5 hrs (air) / 4 hrs (water)
Light Output (Alkaline): 205 lm (high) / 138 lm (low)
Weight: 24.5 oz / 694.56 g
Beam Distance: 407 ft / 124.05 m
Enclosure Protection: IP68
Depth Rating: 500 ft / 152.4 m

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