Color Camera (Very Low Light)


Product Description

This helmet mountable mini camera is optimized for very low light conditions.

Lens: 3.6mm, f1.2, electronic-iris
Focus: Fixed, 4 in. to infinity
Angle of view: 70 horizontal (in water)
Resolution: 750 horizontal lines
Sensitivity: .001 lux at f1.4 (can be set lower but with image delay)
Image device: 1/3″ DSP CCD sensor (412k pixels)
Video out: 1.2 Vpp, NTSC standard (PAL option)
Power: 110 mA @ 12 VDC

Mechanical Specifications:
Weight: Dry = 10 oz (.3 kg), Wet = 3 oz (.1 kg)
Size 1.62” Dia. X 5”
Depth rating: 6,560 ft (2000 m)
Materials: Black Delrin

OTI UWC-325/SS Stainless Steel 2000 meter housing
UWC-330p Spec Sheet
UWC-330ss (Stainless) Spec Sheet

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