Diveline Twisted Umbilicals


Product Description

Lightweight, ultra flexible and kink resistant, Diveline umbilicals allow the professional diver to be safer and more productive by making life easier, underwater and on deck.

The unique materials and cabled “rope-like” construction combine to produce the most flexible, controlled buoyancy umbilicals available today.

Features include:
– Lightweight
– Flexible
– Kink resistant
– Easy clean
– Super durable
– Low Odor

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Construction is comprised of an extruded high performance thermoplastic core tube, reinforced with high strength yarn and a bonded outer cover. Both tube and cover are extruded from high performance thermoplastic polymers which are particularly clean and free from odors often associated with conventional rubber hoses. Coupled with the wide operating temperature range this ensures that breathing gas quality is maintained under all conditions from –20° C to 66° C.

Ideal for breathing gas supply, pneumo and hot water service in both surface-demand and bell-excursion umbilicals.

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  • Umbilical Length: 150-ft, 175-ft, 200-ft, 250-ft, 300-ft, 328-ft (100-meter), 350-ft, 400-ft, 450-ft, 500-ft, 550-ft, 600-ft
  • Umbilicals Size: 5/8"
  • Configuration: 3-member
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