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The MK-IV Military Three Diver Intercom (hardwire) was designed by request from the United States Navy Divers. It will support military diving profiles, allowing two divers and a standby diver clear underwater communications.The system is heavy duty and easy to use. The MK-IV can support high-quality, preamplified as well as standard 150-ohm microphones.

The MK-IV offers an auxiliary connector for use with He02 unscramblers. Isolated audio circuits ensure the quality of the divers speech is second to none! The computer-controlled battery system ensures your batteries will be strong and safe from over-discharging.

The MK-IV control station has features other boxes can only dream about. If your dive profile calls three divers, MK-IV is the system for you!

Note: All “OT” Radios are Non-Rechargeable. Must order batteries and charges separately.

Input Power: 12 volts external source: internal 12V rechargeable battery: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz

Battery Type: Hawker Cyclon 12V, 5.0Ah sealed lead-acid, 6-cell battery pack

Battery Life: 14 hours, continuous use (assuming a full charge)(charge time for the batteries is 3-5 hours)

Number of Divers: One, two or three divers with independent controls

Output Power: 30 watts max (8 watts per diver, 2 watts each for tender headset and panel speaker)

Frequency Response: 300-4,000 Hz

Inputs/Outputs: Diver umbilicals (3), tender headset, AC/charger power, 12V DC power, line out (line out is 1V, remote speaker, auxiliary.

Connector Types: MS (tender headset, diver umbilicals, AC charger power, auxiliary, line out, remote speaker) and double banana (DC power)

Mic Input Types: Dynamic or power mic (switch selectable)

Operating Temperature: Storage Temperature: 0 degrees C to 60 degrees C (32 degree F to 140 degrees F). -10 degrees C to 60 degrees C (14 degree F to 140 degrees F)

Protection Circuit: GFCI, thermal breaker and (transformer isolation to protect the divers from shock hazards)

Battery Level Indicator: Three-stage LED

Cabinet: Molded composite

Front Panel: .080 stainless steel, powder coated

Height with cover off: 8 1/2″, cover on 14.3″ width: 14″, depth: 11 1/4″

Interior cavity of the storage lid: height: 5″, depth: 10″ width: 13″

Weight: 28 pounds

Part # OT MK-IV

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  • Battery: Rechargeable w/Internal Charger
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