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The Stealth (SRG-1) is designed to deliver more air at deeper depths.  The venturi assist increases gas flow and ensures the diver minimal additional effort in his inhalation effort.  It is a must when under a heavy work load or at a deeper depth.  The new Stealth 2nd stage when tested at 200 fsw had a work of breathing (WOB) between 1.2 and 1.5 joules per liter.

The SRG-1 is a balance regulator employing a dynamic balancing chamber.  This feature ensures the amount of air a diver draws remains low for different intermediate air pressures.  In the event a first stage fails and starts producing air more than 200 PSI’s, the SRG-1 will free flow to prevent an unsafe build-up of pressure.

The Stealth comes standard with several equalizing pads to ensure you can custom fit the mask to your liking.  The double seal of the mask ensures a great and comfortable fit.

It can be setup for through-water, hard-wire, or no communications.

Comes in black frame/black skirt.

Includes: High Performace Regulator, Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV-1), MiFlex LP Hose, and Bag.

– Venturi assist – increases gas flow
– Ambient Breathing Valve
– Balanced regulator for high performance
– Can retrofit on any OTS Guardian Full Face Mask
– Comes standard with a Miflex Supply Hose (see below for specs)

Miflex Supply Hose: It is a high quality low pressure hose. The hose is designed with an external Nylon safety braiding which helps resist snags and abrasions. This double braiding also resists UV rays when out of the water. It will extend the life of the hose. All the stainless steel fittings have been treated with a black PVD coating. The hose is a 32″ female 9/16″ UNF with a male 3/8″ UNF fitting and it includes 1 x o-ring.

Part # OT Stealth-FFM

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