OTS Stealth



The Stealth (SRG-1) is designed to deliver more air at deeper depths.  The venturi assist increases gas flow and ensures the diver minimal additional effort in his inhalation effort.  It is a must when under a heavy work load or at a deeper depth.  The new Stealth 2nd stage when tested at 200 fsw had a work of breathing (WOB) between 1.2 and 1.5 joules per liter.

The SRG-1 is a balance regulator employing a dynamic balancing chamber.  This feature ensures the amount of air a diver draws remains low for different intermediate air pressures.  In the event a first stage fails and starts producing air more than 200 PSI’s, the SRG-1 will free flow to prevent an unsafe build-up of pressure.

The Stealth comes standard with several equalizing pads to ensure you can custom fit the mask to your liking.  The double seal of the mask ensures a great and comfortable fit.

It can be setup for through-water, hard-wire, or no communications.

Comes in black frame/black skirt.

Includes: High Performace Regulator, Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV-1), MiFlex LP Hose, and Bag.

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