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Nuvair Carbon Monoxide analyzers are designed to detect levels of CO that could be harmful to a diver before the gas reaches the diver. Our CO analyzers can be attached to a high pressure compressor to monitor tank fills or inline on a low pressure compressor that is providing surface supplied air to a diver. The analyzers offer both visual and audible alarms to warn the compressor operator of potential CO hazards in the breathing air being supplied.

Range: 0-100ppm Carbon Monoxide
Display Accuracy: +/- 5% at Constant Temperature and Pressure
Sensor Type: Electrochemical (p/n NU 9501)
Expected Sensor Life, Room Air: 60 Months
Power: 9 Volt Battery or Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Response Time: less than 50 seconds to 90% value
Operating Temperature: 41 to 104 Degrees F (5 to 40 Degrees C) will work outside this range with decreased accuracy
Storage Temperature: 14 to 140 Degrees F (-10 to 60 Degrees C)
Operating Humidity: 15 to 90% RH, Non-Condensing
Warranty: 12 Months
* All specifications are at ambient/sea level, 77 Degrees F (25 Degrees C)

Includes: 1x CO Cell (p/n NU 9501) and 1.5-ft analyzer hose

Part # Product
NU 51075 Extra lengths of analyzer hose
NU 9518 Flow restrictor to reduce to 2 L/min
NU P101613 Test gas: 10 ppm CO
NU 400-100 Regulator for test gas
NU 9501 Replacement CO Cell
Part # N/A

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