Twin Cylinder Packages

Product Description

High Flow
– Unsurpassed gas flow
– Allows optimum regulator performance
– Direct placement porting

Thermo Isolation Manifold
Your Choice:
– Combination DIN/yoke outlets
– Removable spin-out DIN inserts
– Attachment of DIN or yoke style regulators
DIN outlets
– Dedicated DIN outlets
– Attachment of DIN style regulators only

Steel Cylinders
– Manufactured by Faber in Italy
– Approved for use in US (DOT) and Canada (TC)
– Deep drawn and ironing process (DDI)
– Exclusive Phosphatized-cleaned internal surface

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Highland Bands
– Proudly built to the exact specifications as the original Joe McGarth bands
– 316 grade stainless steel construction
– Stainless steel mounting, hardware included
– 7.25″ Diameter x 2.5″ Wide (SB725) included with TT80, TT100, and TT120
– 8″ Diameter x 2.5″ Wide (SB800) included with TT117
– 8″ Diameter x 3″ Wide (SB803) included with TT133

Gas Service
Pro Manifold
– Clean for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% oxygen
– Viton and EPDM O-rings
– Christo-Lube MCG 111 lubrication
– Nylon high pressure seat material
DIN Manifold
– Air service only
– Clean for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% oxygen

Self Draining Tank Boots
– Manufactured by Sea Pearls in the USA
– Ribbed interior to prevent water trapping
– High quality injection-molded contruction

Gun Metal Grey Finish
– Triple-protected zinc spray plus epoxy and polyurethane painted finish for long lasting durability

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