Aluminum Cylinders
Aluminum Cylinders

Our aluminum scuba cylinders are cleaned for oxygen and oxygen-enriched service at the factory. If you intend to use this cylinder for oxygen or oxygen-enriched service (i.e. with any gas containing oxygen concentrations of 23.5% or more), all components used … Read More

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high pressure steel
High Pressure Steel

– Built in Italy by Faber Cylinders with 40 years of experience
– DOT Special Permit #13488 and Transport Canada #SU7694-237 approved
– Oxygen cleaned for use with up to 40% pre-blended Nitrox
– Exclusive Phosphatized-cleaned internal surface

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Twin Cylinder Packages

High Flow – Unsurpassed gas flow – Allows optimum regulator performance – Direct placement porting Thermo Isolation Manifold Your Choice: PRO OUTLETS – Combination DIN/yoke outlets – Removable spin-out DIN inserts – Attachment of DIN or yoke style regulators DIN … Read More

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