BR-20 Welding Stinger

The BR-20 Welding Stinger is designed to hold the electrode at the optimum angle to the work piece delivering quality welds while reducing operator fatigue.

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BR-21 Welding Stinger

The BR-21 is lightweight, durable and designed to hold the electrode at the optimum angle to reduce diver fatigue.

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BR-22 Cutting Torch

The Underwater Oxy-Arc Cutting Torch is ergonomically designed for diver comfort and reducing forearm fatigue.

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Single Filnor Knife Switch
Filnor Knife Switch Single Throw

Type A, single-throw open knife switches are typically used for underwater welding/cutting use.

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Oxygen Regulator
High Volume Oxygen Regulator
The High-Volume Oxygen Regulator is a multi-stage unit delivering the constant flow and high volume required for underwater burning.
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Cutting Rods
Ultrathermic Cutting Rods

Burning in excess of 10,000° F at the tip, Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods cut or melt virtually any known material.

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Underwater SofTouch Electrodes

-SofTouch® electrodes are used for on-site repairs in many applications where steel must be joined underwater according to code specifications.

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Weld Lens Kit
Weld Lens Kit

This Welding Lens Assembly will fit all Kirby Morgan helmets and Bandmask models.

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Weld Shield
Welding Shield Assembly
This Welding Shield Assembly will fit all models of Kirby Morgan helmets and the KMB-18A/B, and the KMB-
28B Band Masks. The port retainers are supplied with two plug screws which are designed to protect the two
threaded holes on the port retainer which are provided for mounting the welding shield assembly.
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