dive suit accessories

UK HangAir Drying System
Power dry your gear with the HangAir Hanger!  It cuts drying time from days to hours by using a built in high power fan.  It also slows the development of bad odors and prolongs the life of your gear.  It can support up to 100 pounds. The high-power waterproof fan is used to completely dry and ventilate suits of all kinds.  Ideal for scuba wet and dry suits, fire, and electrical protective wear, leather cycling gear, etc. Made with 100% recycled plastic and a stainless steel hook.
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Viking Hot Water Boots
These boots are specially designed to attach directly to the Viking HWS, and allow for the leg tubing to extend into the boot to keep the wearer’s feet warm. 5mm neoprene boots with a rubber outsole and Velcro attachments.
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Viking HWS_Neoprene_Gloves
Viking Hot Water Gloves
These gloves are specially designed to attach directly to the Viking HWS, and allow for the arm tubing to extend into the glove to keep the wearer’s hands warm. 5mm neoprene 5-finger gauntlet gloves with reinforced palms and Velcro attachment points.  Grip dots on the palms.
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Aquaseal Repair Kit
Aquaseal repairs tears and rips in dive equipment and watersports gear. Cotol-240 improves those repairs by cleaning the surface and speeding dry time to two hours.
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McNett Seal Cement

Color: Black Seal Cement Neoprene Cement is an elastic, fast-curing adhesive great for in-field repairs. Repairs holes and tears Protects against abrasion Waterproofs and seals Ideal for wetsuits, dry suits, latex seals, boots, gloves, waders and all types of rubber … Read More

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