KM Over Pressure Relief Valve, Hi-Flow

The Kirby Morgan overpressure Relief Valve is factory adjusted to vent any time the pressure in the low pressure hose connecting the bailout bottle to the emergency valve exceeds 200 P.S.I. It is installed into any of the low pressure … Read More

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Hi Flow Air Inlet Swivel

The Air Inlet Swivel is supplied on all Original EXO®s. It allows the regulator hose to move freely and align with the mask inlet without putting a stress on the hose coupling. It uses standard SCUBA threads for incoming breathing air. It may also be used on second stage scuba regulators and the EXO®-BR.

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M-48 Mod-1 Bag

Storage Bag

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EXO Oral Nasal Kit

This kit provides an oral nasal mask for the earlier original model EXO-26 which were designed and built without oral nasals. NOTE: Installing the oral nasal mask requires removing the 310-015 inlet tube, which will delete the automatic defog and … Read More

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Deluxe Tool Kit for EXO-BR

Deluxe Tool Kit for EXO-BR

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Regulator Rebuild Kit, EXO-BR

Regulator Rebuild Kit, EXO-BR

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EXO Mask Hard Shell Kit

This hard shell mounts easily on all models of the EXO® Mask. It provides reinforced areas for mounting lights or small video cameras.

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Hard Shell

For KMB 18/28.

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Communications Kit for KM M-48 FFM

Communications Kit for Kirby Morgan M-48 Supermask and M-48 Mod-1 Full Face Mask. Earphone/Microphone Assemblies are designed to allow the user to connect either Hard-wire or Through-water communications to a KM full M-48 full face mask (ffm). In addition to … Read More

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Anode Kit

For KMB 18/28

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Tri-Valve Exhaust Kit for SL-17A/B/K, KM37 and KMB 18/28
Part # Description Qty.
505-725 Tri-Valve Assembly 1
510-552 Exhaust Valve 1
520-042 Tie Wrap 1


DSI 525-752 Tri-Valve Exhaust Kit

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Balanced Scuba Regulator Rebuild Kit

Part # Description Qty. DSI 210-041 Diaphragm Assembly 1 DSI 210-055 O-ring, Balanced 2 DSI 210-056 O-ring 1 DSI 210-060 Valve Seat 1 DSI 220-056 Lever Bearing Clip 1 DSI 220-079 Spring Seat 1 DSI 240-009 Packing Lock Clip 1 … Read More

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Mask Spares Kit for EXO-BR/BRMS

Part # Description Qty. DSI 310-025 Spider 1 DSI 310-055 Oral Nasal Mask 1 DSI 320-021 Buckle Cap 1 DSI 325-060 Oral Nasal Tie Wrap Kit 1 DSI 325-310 325-310 Regulator Rebuild Kit 1 DSI 330-005 Screw 2 DSI 330-010 … Read More

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Mask Spares Kit for KMB 18/28

Part Number Description Qty DSI 510-008* O-ring 2 DSI 510-010* O-ring 1 DSI 510-211* O-ring 1 DSI 510-260* O-ring, Face Port 1 DSI 510-481* O-ring 1 DSI 510-490* O-ring 1 DSI 510-509 Head Harness 1 DSI 510-550 Oral Nasal Valve … Read More

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Overseas Spares Kit for M-48

Part # Description Qty. DSI 330-205 Washer 5 DSI 520-038 Tie Wrap 3 DSI 520-039 Tie Wrap 3 DSI 805-005 Buckle Assembly, Plastic, SM 48 4 DSI 810-022L Mouthpiece, Long 1 DSI 810-025 Valve, Purge 2 DSI 810-100 Pod Cover, … Read More

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