KM 97
Kirby Morgan 97
The Kirby Morgan® 97 features the 455 Balanced Regulator. The 455 is an all stainless steel regulator with superior breathing performance and the added advantage of upcoming compatibility with the SL 27, 17C, KM 37, KM 37SS, KM 57 helmets as well as the KMB 18 & 28 Band Masks. The overall performance of this regulator is outstanding and sets a new performance standard for commercial diving helmets and band masks.
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Kirby Morgan 37
The Kirby Morgan 37 is one of the most popular designs in the world. It’s considered the standard of the commercial diving industry.
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Kirby Morgan 37SS
For the diver who wants an all metal helmet with the sleek style of the 37, the stainless steel Kirby Morgan® 37SS helmet is the way to go…
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Kirby Morgan 77
The Kirby Morgan 77 Dive Helmet is a new stainless steel metal dive helmet with a rugged outer shell. It features Kirby’s all stainless version of the REX® regulator, as well as a stainless sideblock, helmet ring, bent tube, handle, and other key components. The Rex Quad Valve® Exhaust System is standard on this helmet.
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Kirby Morgan 47
The Kirby Morgan 47 has an entirely new breathing system, oral nasal mask, and water ejection system.
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Kirby Morgan SuperLite 27
The SL 27 is the only Kirby Morgan helmet that is slightly smaller in volume and height. Its design gives the diver a reliable and extremely comfortable helmet.
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Kirby Morgan SuperLite 17B
The fully tested SuperLite® 17B Helmet set the working standard for the commercial diving industry worldwide.
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Kirby Morgan SuperLite 17C
For the diver that demands the best selling larger shell of the KM 37 with the versatility of mounting brackets and port side cheek weight, the SL 17C is for you.
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The DESCO U.S. Navy Mark V Diving Helmet has been in continuous production from 1942 up to today. It started as and still remains an authentic classic piece of military and commercial diving equipment.

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The Air Hat maximizes safety, durability, and reliability while requiring simple routine maintenance and care.

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Kirby Morgan Helmet Bag

Easy access U-shaped zipper opening.

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Armor Helmet Bag
Armor Helmet Bag

Give Your Investment the Protection it Needs!

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Helmet Pad for Bench/Bag/Case
This non-conductive, self-extinguishing 1″ thick closed-cell Nitrile foam cushion helps protect your helmet.  This pad provides minimal water absorption.  Includes built-in carrying handle and hangs for easy storage. Size: 21″ x 14″ x 1″ Color: Black Material: Nitrile Rubber
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DS HB1 Helmet Bag
Padded Helmet Bag

Protect your investment on or offshore!

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Loctite Threadlocker 242, 10mL (0.34 floz.) Bottle

LOCTITE® 242® Medium Strength Mil-Spec Blue Threadlocker is a general purpose, removable threadlocker for fasteners between ¼” and ¾” (6 to 20 mm) diameters. Controlled lubricity for accurate clamp loads. Parts can be separated using hand tools. Mil Spec: Mil-S-46163A … Read More

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Loctite Threadlocker 248, 9g Stick

LOCTITE® 248™ Semi Solid Stick Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker is a anaerobic threadlocking material. It is supplied as a wax-like semi-solid, conveniently packaged in a self-feeding stick applicator. LOCTITE 248 is the ideal general purpose threadlocker for all nut and … Read More

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Weld Lens Kit
Weld Lens Kit

This Welding Lens Assembly will fit all Kirby Morgan helmets and Bandmask models.

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Weld Shield
Welding Shield Assembly
This Welding Shield Assembly will fit all models of Kirby Morgan helmets and the KMB-18A/B, and the KMB-
28B Band Masks. The port retainers are supplied with two plug screws which are designed to protect the two
threaded holes on the port retainer which are provided for mounting the welding shield assembly.
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Communications Kit for all KM Helmets and Band Masks

Communications Kit for all Kirby Morgan helmets and band masks. Can accomodate modular assemblies 515-023 and 515-024. Communication Kit Includes: 1 x DSI 515-018 Earphone 9″ Assembly (right) 1 x DSI 515-019 Earphone 15.5″ Assembly (left) 1 x DSI 515-029 … Read More

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Communications Kit for KM M-48 FFM

Communications Kit for Kirby Morgan M-48 Supermask and M-48 Mod-1 Full Face Mask. Earphone/Microphone Assemblies are designed to allow the user to connect either Hard-wire or Through-water communications to a KM full M-48 full face mask (ffm). In addition to … Read More

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