helmet accessories

Kirby Morgan Helmet Bag

Easy access U-shaped zipper opening.

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Armor Helmet Bag
Armor Helmet Bag

Give Your Investment the Protection it Needs!

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Helmet Pad for Bench/Bag/Case
This non-conductive, self-extinguishing 1″ thick closed-cell Nitrile foam cushion helps protect your helmet.  This pad provides minimal water absorption.  Includes built-in carrying handle and hangs for easy storage. Size: 21″ x 14″ x 1″ Color: Black Material: Nitrile Rubber
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DS HB1 Helmet Bag
Padded Helmet Bag

Protect your investment on or offshore!

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Loctite Threadlocker 242, 10mL (0.34 floz.) Bottle

LOCTITE® 242® Medium Strength Mil-Spec Blue Threadlocker is a general purpose, removable threadlocker for fasteners between ¼” and ¾” (6 to 20 mm) diameters. Controlled lubricity for accurate clamp loads. Parts can be separated using hand tools. Mil Spec: Mil-S-46163A … Read More

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Loctite Threadlocker 248, 9g Stick

LOCTITE® 248™ Semi Solid Stick Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker is a anaerobic threadlocking material. It is supplied as a wax-like semi-solid, conveniently packaged in a self-feeding stick applicator. LOCTITE 248 is the ideal general purpose threadlocker for all nut and … Read More

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Weld Lens Kit
Weld Lens Kit

This Welding Lens Assembly will fit all Kirby Morgan helmets and Bandmask models.

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Weld Shield
Welding Shield Assembly
This Welding Shield Assembly will fit all models of Kirby Morgan helmets and the KMB-18A/B, and the KMB-
28B Band Masks. The port retainers are supplied with two plug screws which are designed to protect the two
threaded holes on the port retainer which are provided for mounting the welding shield assembly.
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Helmet Light / Camera Bracket
This helmet bracket includes an adjustable clamp that is ideal for mounting most Underwater Cameras and/or Lights. This model is designed to use the accessory port screws for mounting, while not impacting the face port screws.
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Kirby Morgan Accessory Bracket

Accessory bracket kit for the KM 37, 47, 57, and SL-17K. Part # Description Qty. DSI 530-040 Screw 2 DSI 530-043 Screw 3 DSI 530-556 Washer 1 DSI 540-130 Mount Bracket – Port Side 1 DSI 540-132 Mount Bracket – … Read More

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Accessory Rail System for Kirby Morgan Helmets
The Innovative Dive Equipment Accessory Rail System easily attaches to Kirby Morgan Dive Helmets. The Accessory Rail System makes it possible to mount various devices to the accessory rail once they are mounted on slides.  It can be quickly attached, removed, or replaced without using tools.
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Port Weight Mount Accessory Rail System
The Innovative Dive Equipment Port Weight Mount Accessory Rail System easily attaches to Kirby Morgan Dive Helmets with a port weight installed. The Accessory Rail System makes it possible to mount various devices to the accessory rail once they are mounted on slides.  It can be quickly attached, removed, or replaced without using tools.
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Tee Handle/Helmet Bracket
This bracket can be used as a Tee handle or helmet bracket for all cameras and lights. Handle and clamps included.
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Universal Slide w/ Clamps
The Universal Slide serves as a mount for video cameras, lights, heads up displays, and other devices that already have the Accessory Rail System installed.
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Restrictor Adapter

The restrictor adapter should be used when an inflation hose is attached to the side block when dry suit diving. The main purpose of the restrictor adapter is to limit gas flow in the event the hose ruptures or is … Read More

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Anode Kit
For SL 17K, 27, KM 37, 47, and 57.
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Anode Kit for SL 17A/B and SL 17C

Part # Description Qty. DSI 330-026 Screw 2 DSI 515-110 Blue Wire 1 DSI 515-111 Green Wire 1 DSI 515-112 Yellow Wire 1 DSI 515-113 Red Wire 1 DSI 520-038 Tie Wrap 2 DSI 550-586 Whisker Spacer 4 DSI 560-300 … Read More

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Dow Corning 732 Multi-purpose Sealant, 3 oz
Color: Clear 100% Silicone Rubber Remains permanently flexible Resistant to weathering Dow Corning 732 maintains a serviceable consistency from approximately -76° to 350°F (-60° to 177°C). Certified to NSF Standards 51 and 61
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Dow Corning 111
Dow Corning Molykote 111 Compound, 5.3oz
Dow Corning 111 is a silicone compound with a heavy-consistency. It can be used as a lubricant for rubber and plastic O-rings, as it has an excellent water resistance and is compatible with many plastics and elastomers. It has a low vapor pressure and low volatility, while meeting several global standards for water contact. Certified to NSF Standards 51 and 61 Meets FDA: 21 CFR 175.300
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Pull Pin Sleeve

This sleeve was created for the 505-110 sealed pull pins. It prevents the knob of the pull pin from snagging or catching on objects or protrusions. Comes with 2 x DSI 550-232.. 525-112_Pull_Pin_Sleeve_Kit

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