BR45 Breaker
BR45 Underwater T-Handle Breaker, 1 in. Hex

Rugged, lightweight, and powerful construction of the BR45 T handle and BR45S anti-vibration handle breakers make them ideal for use in the 35-65 pound class.

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BR67 Underwater T-Handle Breaker
The BR67 is a medium-duty tool for work in the 70-90 pound class.
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BR87 Breaker, Underwater, OC, 1-1/8 in Hex

The BR87 is a heavy-duty tool for work in the 90 pound class and above.

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Chain Saw, CE, Heavy Duty, No Bar

Ideal for bucket truck use because of their wide range of flow and pressure requirements.

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Chipping Hammer, CE, 7-9 gpm (26-34 lpm)

The CH15 Chipping Hammer is a light but powerful alternative to air powered tools.

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Chipping Hammer, D-Handle

Both the handle and tool holder end are shock and heat insulated for operator comfort.

Designed to be small and compact for confined working conditions, the CH18 accepts standard 0.580 in round collar steels.

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CS06 Chain Saw, Railroad Model

Ideal for bucket truck use because of their wide range of flow and pressure requirements.

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Cutoff Saw Underwater,1 in Arbor

Lightweight and powerful ideal for cutting concrete, masonry, pipe, structural steel beams, and guardrail.

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Diamond Saw

Using segments impregnated with diamond and laser welded to the saw’s chain you can cut concrete (including wire or rebar reinforced), brick, concrete block, masonry or stone.

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DL07 Drill, OC/CC, 1/2 in Capacity
The DL07 Drill is ideal for drilling holes in wood, metal, and masonry.
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GR29 Grinder
Grinder, OC, 9 in Capacity

The GR29 can be used for grinding and cleaning with either cup or standard grinding wheels, wire or nylon brushes.

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HD45 Hammer Drill

The HD45 is a heavy duty model designed for use in medium to heavy applications.

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ID07 Impact Drill/Wrench, 1/2 in Square Drive

The ID07 Impact Drill/Wrench embodies the latest product improvements in this tool.

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IW12 Impact Wrench, 3/4 in Square Drive

Stanley’s hydraulic impact wrenches are used around the world by electric and gas utilities, construction crews, municipal agencies, and railroad crews.

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IW16 Impact Wrench, 1 in Drive

The Stanley IW16 is available with a sturdy add-on handle mechanism for track bolt installation and removal.

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IW24 Impact Wrench, 1-1/2 in Drive

The Stanley IW24 is a heavy duty wrench ideal for nut and bolt driving, screw anchor and other heavy impact applications.

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SK58 Sinker Drill

The Stanley SK58 Sinker Drill is designed for heavy-duty utility construction, blast hole drilling, leak detection for gas utilities, and dowel drilling.

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SM50 Submersible Pump

The SM50 Water Pump is a submersible, centrifugal type pump that requires no priming.

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