Head Sea Vu Full Face Snorkeling Mask
For snorkeling enthusiasts who don’t like the traditional snorkels. The mask covers your entire face and lets you breathe naturally, using both nose and mouth. Your breath will circulate to the mask lens, eliminating fog. The mask offers great peripheral vision. Your whole face stays dry and the snorkel tube is integrated into the top of the mask keeping water out.
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Maui Mask
Aqua Lung Maui Mask

If you dive with a machine gun (or want to look like you do), the Maui is for you! A popular choice for military and professional divers, this rugged, utilitarian mask gets the job done with a large single lens, stealthy black silicone skirt and rugged build.

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Pacifica Mask
Aqua Lung Pacifica Mask

The large, open styling of the Pacific is a classic design. The high-volume, single lens construction gives a wide, unobstructed field-of-view. The modern silicone skirt includes access to the nose pocket to aid equalization and incorporates a purge valve for quick, effortless clearing.

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Aqua Lung Atlantis Mask
Aqua Lung Atlantis Mask

The Atlantis Mask continues to be popular with recreational and military divers for the large single lens, which offers a wide field of view.

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Wraparound Mask
Aqua Lung Wraparound Mask

Produced especially for military and search-and-rescue divers, the Wraparound’s stainless steel frame and strap buckles provide the ultimate in extreme durability. A black, non-reflective coating improves its stealth quality and an updated mask skirt gives this classic diehard a high-performance, modern fit.

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ScubaPro Frameless Mask
Scuba Pro Frameless Mask

– Single-lens mask featuring a unique assembly of lens and skirt without a frame
– Original unique design for unbeatable comfort and fit and classic robust quality
– Soft black silicone skirt
– Buckles positioned on exterior of mask body for convenience and comfort
– One-hand quick adjust buckle system
– Reduced weight, size and volume makes clearing water easy

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sphera mask
Aqua Lung Sphera Mask

Popular among freedivers for its ultra-low profile, the Sphera blends the best qualities of dive and swim masks. A narrow bridge separates curved lenses that give divers a true 180-degree range of visibility while a sleek frame and trim buckles reduce drag while swimming.

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XS Scuba Brute Silicone Black
XS Scuba Brute Mask

– Split lens, easy access nose pocket style
– “Old School” tough mask and buckle design
– Double feather edged sealing surface
– Uses XS AC125BS / XS AC125CL mask strap

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Look HD Mask
Aqua Lung Look HD Mask

The Look HD is the evolution of the best-selling Look mask, first sold in 1988. The key features of the original Look, fit and comfort, have been maintained while new innovative features have been added.

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Look 2 Mask
Aqua Lung Look 2 Mask

A user-friendly solution for those who need corrective lenses, the Look 2’s unique, patent-pending frame allows divers to quickly change out lenses in a wide range of positive and negative diopters. The rugged, classically styled two-lens frame and skirt are excellent for a wide range of facial types.

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Impulse 3 Snorkel
Aqua Lung Impulse 3 Snorkel

The Impulse 3 is more streamlined and higher performing than its predecessors, the Impulse and Impulse 2. Since its introduction in 1989, the Impulse Snorkels have been the best selling snorkels in the world.

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aqualung zephyr white
Aqua Lung Zephyr Snorkel

The Zephyr Snorkel was designed and is manufactured in the Aqua Lung facilities in Genoa, Italy. A splash guard and purge valve helps to eliminate water ingress and provides for easy clearing and an integrated corrugation zone make this a unique and stylish snorkel.

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aqualung sidedraft clear
Aqua Lung SideDraft Flex Snorkel

The SideDraft snorkel is designed to minimize resistance and vibration in the water due to it unique tube profile and provides a tried and true snorkel with many great features for the price.

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Military Snorkel
Aqua Lung Military Snorkel
– Simple neoprene rubber design – Option of J Tube or Flex Tube – Secure keeper for mask strap Color: Black Neoprene
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Cargo Snorkel

Hate having a snorkel hanging from your mask on a dive; does it get in the way when you are in a wreck, swimming through kelp or a cave? Maybe you teach diving, but still don’t like the snorkel on your mask all the time, but now you must have one to meet standards? Whatever the reason is that makes you hate using a snorkel all the time XS Scuba’s Cargo Snorkel may be the answer to your problem.

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Aqua Lung Nautilus black
Aqua Lung Nautilus Travel Snorkel

You know you’re supposed to have one, but having a snorkel hanging off your mask is not necessarily your favorite thing…rebel. If this sounds like you, then we have the snorkel for you!

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