Quick-Release Single Weight Pocket

– Here is the one that everyone has been asking for
– Velcro release weight dump – pull out, then down
– Designed to add up to 5 lbs of bagged shot or hard weight
– Attaches by sliding over the end of any 2″ webbing
– Easy addition to XS Scuba weight belt or other harness systems
– Perfect for adjusting your trim

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ClearPath Weight Belt Package

– 60″ high-grade 2″ nylon webbing
– 4 Delrin weight keepers – matching color
– New ClearPath weight belt buckle
– Attractive clam-shell packaging

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pocket weight belt
Pocket Weight Belt

– The most popular weight belt sold today
– Unique pocket weight belt design
– Quick and easy adjustment to your size
– Each pocket holds up to 5 lbs of hard or shot lead
– Unused pockets Velcro flat and streamlined
– Four stainless steel weight keepers
– Built rental tough with 1000 denier Cordura
– Built-in female clip for attachment of other clips
– U.S. Patent# 6,146,053

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Soft Mesh Bag
Soft Mesh Bag

– Larger #4 shot with less surface area
– Newly manufactured lead shot
– No scrap lead used
– Hardened with antimony, graphite free
– Colored bags for easy I.D.
– Heavy-duty nylon mesh bags
– Double needle stitching
– Quick draining and drying

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Ankle Weights

Arrow’s shot filled ankle weights conform to your leg and attach with a heavy Velcro strap,  keeping the weight in place while kicking.

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uncoated weight lace through
Uncoated Weight (Lace-Thru)

– Weight belt webbing weaves through the weight
– Die cast on location at Sea Pearls
– Rounded and contoured for comfort

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uncoated weight
Uncoated Weight (Pass-Thru)

– Weight belt webbing passes through the center of the weight
– Traditional (bullet style) design
– Hardened with antimony to prevent deforming

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Coated Weight (Lace-Thru)
Coated Weight (Lace-Thru)

– Colorful, fade resistant colors
– Vinyl is tough and long lasting
– Matte finish resists scratching

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Coated Weight (Pass-Thru), 2-lbs.
– Colorful, long lasting vinyl coating – Traditional, pass-thru design – Webbing passes thru center of weight
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quick attach weight
Quick-Attach Weight

– 2 pound weight
– Molded in quick-attach brass clip
– Colorful, long lasting vinyl coating

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