Kingston 112CSS, Safety Valve, 1/4″
The Kingston Model 112CSS Safety Valve is an ASME Code Certified, precision machined brass valve with a hard seat. This valve supports ASME Code applications up to 300 psi. It also features a stainless steel ball for durability and a pull ring for manual testing. As Kingston’s most popular valve, it is suited for a wide variety of applications.
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Air Storage Cylinders

DECA offers a range of storage cylinders. Whether you need 1 or multiple cylinder configuration, check our selection. HC4500 Cylinder: Specification: DOT-E10869-4500/ TC-SU4369-310 Outside Diameter: 9.4 in. Height: 55 in. Weight(empty): 155 pounds Service Pressure: 4500 psi Air capacity at … Read More

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