Quincy 325/Yanmar L100 Compressor Package


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Our Model 325Y Air Compressor package is designed as a compact, light-weight unit. The Quincy 325 compressor is driven by a Yanmar diesel engine. The Yanmar has proven itself the standard for small diving compressors for its reliability. The unit is built in an all aluminum frame with an isolated inner base. The unit includes dual pad eyes as well as a Unit Certification Pouch for job site documentation.

Shown with optional electric start and battery box.

- Yanmar L100EE-D Diesel
- 10HP @ 3600 RPM
- Pull start

- Quincy 325 climate control
- Single stage 2-cylinder
- 24.60 cu ft displacement
- 19.20 cu ft free air delivery
- 150 PSI set air pressure

- 3.5 Gallon fuel tank
- Custom paint
- Powder coated frame
- Enclosed belt guard
- Galvanized steel inner base

- Aluminum roll-around frame with handles and wheels
- Stainless steel surge tank
- 1-1/2 Gallon fuel tank
- Aluminum belt guard
- Isolated inner base, powder coated for durability
- Stainless steel hardware
- Stainless steel pressure gauge
- Brass plumbing
- Relief valve
- Epoxy primed and painted compressor

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