Subsalve Enclosed Flotation Bags

When you need to float an object close to the surface, use SUBSALVE’s “pillow” shaped Enclosed Floatation Bags in any position – upright or flat, outside or inside of structures – for vessel salvage, auto recovery, pipeline and cable installation and emergency floatation for ships, aircraft, submersibles, and ROVs.

– Configure a multitude of rigging combinations
– Use with a single pick point (shackle supplied on the bottom of the bag)
– Invert to use the multiple stainless steel rings on the top of the bag

– Urethane-coated nylon – high strength and heavy duty
– Superior abrasion resistance
– Resistant to most petro-chemicals
– UV resistant
– Low maintenance requirements and easy to clean
– RF welded seams

Lifting Harness
– Heavy nylon lift harness built into the body of the lift bag
– Safe working ratio of 6:1

Safe and easy to use
– Equipped with all necessary hardware – ready for immediate use
– 3/4″ NPT inflation/deflation port equipped with ball valve
– Stainless steel quick disconnect for inflation
– Pressure relief valves: set to release at 2.5 psi above ambient pressure
– Enough pressure relief valves are installed in each bag to allow expanding to vent should a free ascent occur

Part NumberLift (lbs)Bag Size (W x H)Weight (lbs)Attachment Pts
SUB EFB-200 220 29 x 38 12 1 bottom
SUB EFB-500 550 32 x 51 20 2 top, 1 bottom
SUB EFB-1000 1100 44 x 51 32 2 top, 1 bottom
SUB EFB-2000 2200 55 x 60 50 2 top, 1 bottom
SUB EFB-4000 4400 69 x 75 70 2 top, 1 bottom
SUB EFB-6000 6600 76 x 112 90 3 top, 1 bottom

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