Subsalve Vehicle Recovery Systems

The SUBSALVE USA VRS-2000 and VRS-4000 are the only self-contained patented systems available today. We have been refining every aspect of the system for over twenty years, incorporating input from the commercial and public safety diving communities as well as experience with actual recoveries. This all-purpose system is portable for rapid deployment. Equipped with all necessary hardware – ready for immediate use.

· Urethane-coated nylon—high-strength and heavy-duty
· Superior abrasion resistance
· Resistant to most petro-chemicals
· UV-resistant
· Low maintenance requirements and easy to clean
· RF welded seams
Used by 250 domestic and fifty worldwide public safety dive teams
VRS-2000 for automobiles and other small vehicles
VRS-4000 for trucks, buses and larger vehicles
VRS-4000-HELO emergency flotation to prevent sinking if an aircraft is ditched
(NATO approved)

System Components
VRS-2000 & VRS-4000
· Two 2000lb or two 4000lb enclosed flotation bags each with a pocket for an 80ft3
aluminum SCUBA cylinder.
· The air cylinder connects to the lift bag with a SCUBA yoke and hose assembly with a
one way check valve for easy tank changes while preventing any loss of air from the bag.
· Two stainless steel lift rings on top and two on the bottom of bag that allow the lift bag
to be rigged either flat or upright.
· (2) Bottom lift rings are each equipped with a 3′ length of ¼” galvanized proof coil
chain and a stainless steel snap carabiner on the end.

Part NumberLift (lbs)Bag Size (W x H)Weight (lbs)
SUB VRS-2000 4400 60 x 55 60
SUB VRS-4000 8800 75 x 69 100

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