Surface Station, 8 Channel, 10 Watt


Military Surface Station. 8 channel, 10 watts. Includes Int’l charger, hand held mic., and transducer.

The Aquacom® STX-101M transceiver is a state-of-the art 10-watt, 8-channel single sideband surface station designed to meet the demanding profile of the military diver. It operates with virtually all OTS Aquacom® and Buddy Phone®transceivers. The STX-101M comes in a heavy duty housing and has many useful features including: record-out jack, front panel adjustable squelch, and deluxe hand-held microphone.

The operator can choose from 8 different channels via a front panel switch. When operating in conjunction with divers equipped with the SSB-1001B, the dive supervisor will have total communication control with all free-swimming scuba divers.

Norminal Range - 200-3000m*
Channels - 8
Output Power (watts) - 10
External Power Source - 12 VDC @ min 9 amps
Microphone/Speakers - Hand held; dynamic, 200 ohm / heavy duty front panel speaker with on/off control
Battery Type - Supplied with (2) RB-6V rechargeable batteries. Optionally accomodates(2) 6-volt lattern battery (heavy duty w/springs)
Battery Life (10% duty cycle) - 10 hrs alkaline, 6 hrs gel-cell
Dimensions (WxHxD) - 14.0″x 6.5″ x 10.60″
Weight - 12 lbs w/ batteries

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