NU E7-16

Grade 7 Filter: Air Line. Provides removal of liquid water and oil. Removes solid particulate to 1.0 micron with a 1.0 ppm w/w maximum remaining oil content (established in accordance with CAGI standard ADF400 and is based on 100°F inlet temperature). The first stage of filtration captures larger particles with alternating layers of fiber media and screen. The second stage of filtration coalesces aerosols and captures solid particles with multiple layers of epoxy bonded, blended fiber media.

Withstands temperatures to 150°F (66°C)
Push-on elements provide simple replacement
Piston type seals keeps unfiltered air from bypassing element
Stainless steel, corrosion resistant inner and outer core
> Low resistance to flow
> Seam welded durability
Matrix blended fiber media
> Large, effective surface area ensures high efficiencies and minimizes pressure drop
Coated, closed cell foam sleeve
> Resists chemical attack from oils and acids
> Ensures high efficiencies by preventing re-entrainment of coalesced liquids
Chemically resistant end caps
Silicone free
Model Size 16
Filter Element Grade 7: Air Line
Model E7-16
Stainless Steel Element NO
Flow Rating 35 SCFM
Design Temp 150°F
Weight 0.3 lbs

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