Underwater ProTouch Electrodes


Broco Underwater's new ProTouch™ is a low carbon steel underwater welding electrode offering all position welding capabilities and excellent weld quality. 

ProTouch provides commercial divers another quality choice for underwater repair and maintenance jobs and ensures consistent certifiable underwater weld quality, eliminating costly rework. ProTouch can be used in many applications where steel must be joined underwater according to code specifications. 

ProTouch meets the American Welding Society's AWS D3.6 specifications for Class B welds, AWS A5.1 specifications for welding electrodes for shielded metal arc welding, and Class 1 radiographic inspection acceptance criteria of MIL-STD-2035. ProTouch meets requirements for Radiograph Class A, Tensile Class A, Charpy Impact Class A and Hardness Class B of AWS D3.6. 

Like all Broco underwater welding electrodes, ProTouch are lot certified, sealed in a Mil-Spec foil pouch to prevent contamination, and packaged in a rigid resealable plastic tube for maximum protection. Operating guidelines are included on the label. As with all underwater cutting and welding equipment, read and follow all safety warnings and operating instructions before use.

ProTouch is currently available in 1/8" diameter electrodes.

ProTouch Certificate

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