Viking Drysuit Hardener Rubber Adhesive .68 oz, For Pro / Protech / HD / Haztech / SRS Suits

VI K01786903


  • Size: .68 oz glass bottle

IMPORTANT NOTE: This glue is Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated and requires special packaging with Hazmat shipping and fees.

Shelf Life Notice:

  • Product : Viking 91 adhesive. Art number K06 009 110 1 Lt. tins
    • The manufacturer of this adhesive tells us that the shelf life for unopened cans is 28 weeks.
    • Ansell’s experience indicates that you can expect a shelf life of 2 years. As long as the tins remain unopened , the adhesive will still be good to use up until this period of time.
    • Once a tin has been opened, used, and closed again, the adhesive will be usable for up to 6 months maximum.
  • Product : HARDENER, 20 ML : K01786903
    • The shelf life for this product which is used in conjunction with the above adhesive is maximum 5 years.

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