What’s in a Name – Do Brands Matter for Diving Supplies?

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There are two kinds of activities in the world—those for which any brand of gear will do and those for which you want the absolute best, every time. Can you guess which type of activity diving is? Here’s a hint: In diving, you’re under tons of potentially suffocating water and the only thing that is keeping you alive is the equipment you have with you. If you consider it carefully, you’ll probably reach the same conclusion that most divers do, which is that they want the best of the best equipment with them every time they dive. Saving a few dollars on a lesser brand doesn’t seem like such a smart idea when equipment fails in deep water.

Breathing Equipment

Breathing is a really underrated activity, at least until it becomes challenging. Once you’re under water and surrounded by gallons of material you can’t breathe, breathing takes on a whole new level of importance. This is why seasoned divers tend to be picky about things like air cylinders, regulators and hoses. Deren besoldung muss deutlich höher sein als die der essay schreiben of https://schreib-essay.com/ anderen professionen an der schule. You might see a pro diver insist on cylinders manufactured by Faber, or Aqualung, or Synflex hoses.

Dive Apparel

From the mask to the wetsuit to the fins, a “wardrobe malfunction” can mean a lot more than a little embarrassment underwater. A ripped suit can lead to the loss of precious body heat, a leaky mask could make it impossible to see, and faulty fins could slow you down. Some divers will insist on one brand like Aqualung for all of their apparel, while others would be fine mixing and matching top brands. For instance, they may wear a Viking suit, ScubaPro for mask and Atomic fins.

Other Equipment

No matter what diving supplies you use, choosing a quality, trusted brand can give you one less thing to think about when you are below. Losing a piece of equipment under water can be catastrophic, so a like one from legendary dive company Miller Diving is a necessity. No diver would dare to test the depths without a good knife, and some of the best are made by Spyderco. Storing your gear is easier with a quality gear bag by Pelican or Armor.