Kirby Morgan 1st Stage w/Balanced 2nd Stage Regulator

DSI 200-150

The new Balanced second stage scuba regulator (P/N DSI 200-120) shares basic components and design features found on the KM 97 helmet’s 455® Balanced regulator.

The uniquely shaped exhaust whisker diverts exhaust bubbles away from the diver’s field of vision. 

The Balanced scuba regulator, as well as the other Kirby Morgan® scuba regulators, are recommended for use in water 50°F (10°C) or warmer. For the Balanced second stage with SuperFlow® First stage Assembly, order P/N DSI 200-150.

Part #Product
DSI 225-120 Balanced Scuba Regulator Rebuild Kit
DSI 325-105 Superflow First Stage Regulator Rebuild Kit
DSI 325-321 1st Stage Rebuild Kit Standard

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