Noise Cancelling Push-to-Talk Microphone

AMR 2405NC-28


  • Noise Cancelling design is particularly effective for use in noisy locations
  • Excellent Sound Clarity
  • Microphone housing is constructed of molded ABS plastic, which will withstand the day-to-day abuse of hand-held mobile microphone applications
  • Low Impedance (200 Ohms)
  • Push-to-talk Switch is located on the microphone housing
  • Color-coded banana plugs mate directly to the color-coded inputs of all Amcom™ Communicators
  • Microphone includes a soft rubber lip guard which assures the user of correct microphone-to-mouth positioning


Always speak closely into the microphone, with the edge of the lip guard just touching the upper lip. This is important because the noise-canceling feature accepts close sounds best and discriminates against sounds greater than 1/2-inch (12mm) away.

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