Viking Commercial Overboots, For Pro / Protech / HD Suits

Commercial overboots (harbor boots) are made to be worn over rubber dry suits to protect the diver's feet from sharp objects on the seabed. They also offer protection to the suit itself. Lead insoles are also available to provide diver stability when working in moving water.


  • 1.6 mm reinforced rubber construction
  • 2.5 mm reinforced rubber toe cap for added protection
  • 5 pairs of unplated brass eyelets on each boot
  • 2 m x 6 mm polyester rope laces for MED size boots
  • 2.5 m x 6 mm polyester rope laces for LGE size boots


  • The MED overboots fit rubber suit boots US 6-7 and 8-9
  • The LGE overboots fit rubber suit boots US 10-11 and 11-12

Note: Sold as pair

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