Viking PRO with Latex Neck Seal

The VIKING™ PRO is the best selling drysuit worldwide. Designed for flexibility and comfort in a wide range of applications. Vulcanized seams allow for peace of mind when diving under all situations.  The VIKING™ PRO is easy to clean and repair which helps to minimize downtime.

  • Material weight is 1050 g/m2
  • Heavy duty material to withstand the harshest environments
  • Extremely strong Vulcanized seams
  • Reinforcements from the foot over the knee, across the shoulders and down on the arms, and in the crotch area
  • Fitted with SiTech standard swivel inlet valve and X2 exhaust valve
  • Easy to clean when diving in contaminated water
  • Easy to repair, minimizing downtime
  • Reinforced rubber boots fitted with fin-strap holders
  • Back Entry Version Only
  • Integrated suspenders for ease-of-wear


Latex Neck Seal - P/N VI 111330001
SiTech Push Protected Inflator Valve - P/N VI K72190612
SiTech Double Exhaust X2 Valve - P/N VI K72190506
PRO Latex Cuffs - P/N VI 11407001
Heavy Duty Zipper - P/N VI K70018723
Inflator Hose - P/N VI K72190700
Suspenders - P/N VI K69639801
Repair Kit - P/N VI K71001200
Duffel Bag - P/N VI K78751790
Suit Manual


Blend of natural and synthetic rubbers (NR/EPDM), on a 2-way stretch knitted polyester lining. 
Total material weight: 1050 +/- 100 g/m2.


Internal: Stitched together with an elastic tape for security.
External: Vulcanized with a 25 mm rubber tape.


Additional layers of anti-slip textured rubber are applied to areas at risk of wear. The shoulders and zipper are reinforced. The front of the legs from above the knee, down to the boots, and around the boots are also protected from abrasion and puncturing.



Black with Red reinforcements


Standard - Small to 3XL
Wide - Medium to 2XL

See the Downloads tab for the Size Chart.


  • EN 14225-2:2017
  • BIO micro-organism approval

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